Sycara IV Optimized for
Virtual Sailor and Vehicle Simulator
Two separate boat files. Sycara_IV and Sycara_IV_VSF

Order both versions and save $3.00

Each is specifically designed for their respective programs.
Neither will work properly unless run in the program they were modeled for.

Select your file preference.
The self extracting option is offered for it's simplicity in loading the boat.

 Sycara IV Bundle.exe

This is a self extracting file, it can be run form the desktop or any folder. 'file.exe'

For 64bit, redirect to C:\Program Files (x86)\Virtual Sailor

 Sycara IV Bundle.zip
Standard zip file.
This should be placed into your Virtual Sailor folder before unzipping. 'file.zip'
Miss Sydney has not been optimized for VSF yet.
But you can download the free version and unzip into the 'boats' folder in VSF,
Then open in game to convert. She doesn't run very well. The cfg needs drastic attention.

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