Sycara IV
The Pre Set Boat Views

This boat has 12 pre-set boat views for a good starting point for exploring the Yacht.
Each custom configuration will raise or lower the number of views available.

Use Shift/Tab at any time to jump from one view to the next.
Or use the Boat view tab to select the view.


you can select the position you wish.

The Views

The Default Boat View F1.

View #1 - The Forward Helm

View #2 - Port Settee

View #3 - Starboard Settee

View #4 - Top Deck sitting in the center settee

View #5 - Standing at the Top Side Bar

View #6 - Seated at the aft lazerette

View #7 - The Entry into the Main Salon.

View #8 Entry to Main Dining Room

View #9 The Main dining Room

View #10 The Passageway forward

View #11 Just outside the Master Suite

View # 12 the Master suite






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