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Sycara IV
Help files

These files are here to help you optimize Sycara IV for your computer if you are experiencing slow fps.
CUSTOMIZE the SYCARA for more tips and tricks

Instrument Options:

you can try turning off clip active dialogue under Graphics at the top of the screen;

Go to Land and Program settings under the other tab at the bottom

Uncheck the clip captive dialogues box.
This may not help as VS will still find the instruments in the instruments folder.

And it will leave blank screens, the following will allow the default screens to show.
As well as markedly improve the fps.

for a quick and easy way to remove the Map and radar instruments.
They are just as easy to re-install.

Game Settings:

In the Video Settings uncheck Render inside window, this will add 3-5 fps (depending on your system.

Please refer to the help files in your Virtual Sailor folder.


This may help clean up your system for each VS session.

This is a free and well designed tool to speed up many systems.
It works by defragmenting game directories, temporarily shutting down background processes,
cleaning RAM, and intensifying processor performance. One click and Go!

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