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Sycara IV And her Launch The Miss Sydney.
Be sure to download the Miss Sydney She's Free.

The Launch on the stern is controlled with the Page Up and Page Down keys.
Or Shift/3 and Shift/9 keys.

Either press and hold for 2-3 seconds, or click about 12 times.

The default when you load Sycara is for the crane to be up, and the launch 'launched'.
To load the launch use the Page Down key.
To off load use Page Up.

Miss Sydney aboard the Sycara with the crane stowed. Page Down key.

The Miss Sydney launched. Page Up key.

The Miss Sydney is offered as a free download to go with the Sycara IV.
Download now.

The best way to simulate launching Miss Sydney is to jump to view #6 or #7
hit F2 and raise the crane. Page Up until fully deployed.

Then open Select Boats and click the boats tab at the bottom,
Select Miss Sydney from your list of boats on the right and click Add,
she should load in a few seconds, once loaded hit the Tab key to jump into her. ENJOY!

Sitting aboard the Miss Sydney ready for some real fun!
Or head into shore and find the nearest Grog Shop.



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