Models for VSF

SeaBreacher X
New release
16' Semi Submersible
© Steve Sharp

Skylge VSF New release
141' Schooner
Two versions

© Steve Sharp

MT Westgate New release
93.15 Meter Tanker
© Andrew Randall

34' Marine Trader double cabin
© Steve Sharp

Miss Behave
16' Garwood Speedster

© Steve Sharp

1965 Jaguar
Series 1 E-type Roadster
© Steve Sharp

Swan 82' S Cabin
© Steve Sharp

Sycara IV VSF
151' fantail cruiser
© Steve Sharp

In the shipyard...
Coming soon

LOA 160'
Auxiliary Schooner
Now under construction

More screnshots to come

If you already have a Hawaii scenery
You will have to chose.

Only one scenery for each area is allowed.

This Maui Scenery is quite detailed.
Most of the textures are actual photos of Maui.
Lahaina Town is a prime example, each shop was photographed during the day, then at night.

Many ports and bays to explore;
Lahaina Harbor

Mala Wharf
Maalaea Harbor
Kihei Boat Ramp
Kahului Harbor
Kahului Boat Ramp
Manele Bay / Harbor
Kaumalapau Harbor

Although the true placement of the islands is a tad off, the bays and harbors are modeled very accurately. As well as the bouy's and lights.

The airport is "faked" for landing float planes. Goofy but fun.

Three islands of interest;
Molokini - Crater

Copyright: Steve Sharp

Maui Scenery

7 Harbors
and docks

Long detailed Shorelines
Surf sounds here and there.

Hidden and odd secrets.

Maui VS settings and info folder.
Open and click on index.htm

29.5 MB

$10.00 - USD